A Brief History


Since establishing in 1992, the new Rowan Cable Products has steadily grown and is now placed as a key supplier of high quality copper and aluminum conductors to the UK cable market.

Rowan has diversified from its roots as a stock holder into a leading manufacturer of copper & aluminum conductors from the basic drawn single wire, to a complex multi-end bunch, strand or braid.

Recent years has seen investment in stranding machines capable of producing multi-wire diameters up to 20mm or 300mm cross section.

Our close relationship with partner companies also enables us to offer completed cables to national, international or client standards by our supplying the cores to accredited extruders and finishers.

Rowan Cables has developed an extensive braiding facility and now serves a range of industries from wholesale outlets and direct supply of over braided cables/flexible high pressure hoses in wire, cottons, Kevlar and fibre glass. Thus using customer free issued cores, this helps compliment a quick turnaround and JIT deliveries.

Our accreditation has allowed major railway and utility companies come to rely on a UK based manufacturing & stockholding company providing a quick & quality service.

Rowan continued to grow and in December 2013, Knight Precision Wire Limited acquired Rowan and completed a relocation to the KPW site in Potters Bar. Rowan Cable Products continue to trade as a division of Knight Precision Wire Limited. The combined knowledge and years of experience in the wire industry has allowed Rowan to maintain growth and diversity in a challenging market.

Rowan was also included in the KPW scope of approval & now can supply the Aviation sector as an ISO9001, AS9100 or AS9120 accredited supplier.